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Art is a way of knowing one self


Art is a way of knowing one self.

I would start with the words of Alvin Toffler: “The illiterate man of the XXI century won’t be the one who cannot read and write but the one who doesn’t learn constantly.” I will paraphrase – by drawing, the artist constantly learns. This aim ennobles his efforts, but only the path fills them with sense, which inevitably passes through the wish of knowing oneself. The efforts are targeted at a clear artistic answer and it is – truthfulness. It catches the vibrations of the spirit beyond the material c distinctness. If, from the today’s point of view, I would have to clarify further my positions in this sense, it is my right to be humbled by the greatness of Nature, and my efforts are inside her toll, in the toll of the “spiritual” nature – with its abundance of forms. It is an immeasurable teacher of the beautiful. The initial femininity, as a gift of nature, is an eternal provocation for me. This harmony is strong and real. It’s beyond the reams of time, which washes us with its advertised, aestheticized, fake “beauty”, fashionably current, while in fact transitory in its volatility.

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