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the oxymoron





I think, without being too literal, that through my work I would like to immerse myself in our time, a time

of exponential development of the technical revolution. Interesting processes in artistic practices are also

observed. The modern horizons of visual culture are based on dialogue and juxtaposition between

divergent, often paradoxical at first glance, ideas, but ultimately united through a metaphorical language.

The dynamics of modern times have also set the hectic rhythm of the author's reactions - seething, rift

and transformations populate the works. We live in a perpetually changing and inconstant world woven

of contradictions and untruths.

The point of view of believing in "absolute truth" (read reality) seems to be inapplicable today. New

meanings are generated, based on the negation of reality and the views of the so-called "situational

ethics" (A.T. Robinson). Our consciousness is constantly attacked by various sensory provocations, the

situation is brought to the point of absurdity. It comes to a union of real antitheses, in the sense of a

modern reflection of the world as a set of oxymorons, in the theoretical and practical field of visual arts.

They are virtually directly related to modern media, without which our life is already unthinkable.

This initial paradox has provoked me to experiment, both in my ideas and in terms of their realization. I

look for my truth, in situational, meaningful connections and juxtapositions, within the limits of a rich

toolbox. I express my author's will, both in metaphorical figurative distinctiveness, and in the use of

diverse materials such as: canvas, paper, plastic, oil and acrylic paints, pigments, pastels, etc. Here,

congruence with reality is subject to my subjective observation and opinion. On the one hand, images

from reality, on the other hand others, as if digitally decomposed images, are united in new, paradoxical

artistic facts. Often, the figurative concepts used contain what by definition would be called oxymorons –

they combine opposite ideas. Household objects and human figures intertwine with abstract patterns,

united in a single view oxymoron, as my overall creative concept. Semantic unity, is not so directly

influenced by the materials themselves, but by the symbolic expression of my ideas. This multi-layered

imagery and contrasting expressiveness are my reaction to the paradoxical times in which we live.


Desi Deneva - DEDE

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